A - New: When closed it is just 25 cm thick. This is the slim tent that allows cars and SUVs to be less than 2.10 m high. This way is possible to park the vehicle in places with limited hight.
B - Rally Race: N°4 adjustable safety catches made by ARNITEL® (2 on the front and 2 on the rear).
C - On the door there are 2 arched zips for partial openings, that allow privacy, and a better ventilation and reduction of condensation.
D - handmade Fiberglas shells that are insulated: they don’t absorb heat and are easily repairable (unlike plastic-made shells). From the English word GPR “Glass reinforced plastic”, or GFK in German.

Automatic opening system

The shell lifts in two different phases through four gas-operated lifting struts, well designed and integrated in the shells.