Warranty up to 2/5 years

Every single Autohome product has been studied in detail and carried out by utilizing the most suitable materials for its expected use. The fifty-year experience concerning the products allowed the Company to choose suitable materials tested in any different weather and travel conditions.

Strict “Airpass Quality” controls assure that the product is faultless both concerning materials and construction. Should such faults appear, it is possible to make use of the Warranty, which is valid for 2 years from the product’s purchasing date. Namely, it is possible to make use of a 5-year valid Warranty* concerning the components of roof tents’ opening system (*see notes in the instructions given with the product or ask for information: e-mail: info@airpass-original.com).

Each Airpass roof tent is marked by a Serial Number (label on the internal side of tents’ inlet door), which distinguishes the tent and indicates the quality controls it has undergone.

It is recommanded to carefully read the general instructions for use and maintenance, which are an integral part of the product and are supplied within its packaging. Pay attention not to lose them! In case of loss, ask for them to the point of sale or to info@airpass-original.com.